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2 in 1 Lightning Adapter

2 in 1 Lightning Adapter

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This product supports calling + charging + listening to songs, charging current 1.5A (support iOS11 system)

Perfectly compatible with IOS system 10.3 and above, built-in decoder chip, audio output and charging synchronization, perfect support for headset function
The product adopts aluminum alloy shell, high quality and durable TPE wire, coin size shell, small and exquisite, easy to carry
Shell: aluminum alloy

Small shell size: 20 * 9.3 * 5.3

Output current: 1.5A

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: THD + N: -80dB

Output power: 2x35mW @ 32Ω

Function description: Listen to the song + charge 1.5A + direct call, support all the wire control functions of Apple's original headset. Headphone recognition time is 3 seconds. Listening to songs and charging, no order. The product is inserted into the headset and the mobile phone in no particular order.

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